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Recipe – Philly Cheesesteak

Hello you! Good to see you again! Have you lost weight? Good if you have, because this week on my blog is going to be FOOD WEEK, so you can put it all back on again. 

This is a recipe not for the faint hearted, or for anyone on a calorie controlled diet. Nonetheless, the Philly CheeseSteak is one of the best sandwiches there is. Incidentally, I got all the ingredients for this recipe from Aldi, so while it is a pretty luxurious sandwich, it was still good value.

You’ll Need:

Soft Sub Roll(s)

Steak (I used Rump, but rib eye would be just as good)

Cheese – Provolone or American cheese is traditional, but you can use whatever you want. I used a combo of mozzarella and processed cheese, to give a stringy, gooey American taste.

Optional – Shallots and Mushrooms. 

So, step one, a bit of prep. Get the steak out of the pack and get it up to room temperature. Pop the oven on a low heat (around 60 degrees) so you can rest the steak. Halve and slice finely a few banana shallots and some mushrooms of your choice.

Now let’s get cooking. Get a frying pan on the TOP heat and pop in some oil (veg, groundnut, sunflower, corn) Once the oil is smoking hot, season the steak with a little salt, then pop it into the pan and fry for 2-3 mins, turning frequently. You’re not trying to cook the steak through, just to start off the maillard reaction and get some colour on the steak. Once you’re done, pop the steak on a plate in the oven to rest.

Get the pan off the heat and turn it down to a moderate heat. If you’ve got an electric cooker you’ll need to wait for the ring to cool, so while you’re doing that, slice the bread so you can put everything together nice and quickly. Add some butter into the pan you cooked the steak in, and add the shallots. Give them a minute then throw in the shrooms. Once they’ve got some colour and have softened, apply to the rolls.

Your steak should be rested now, so get it out of the oven, and set it to grill nice and hot. Slice the steak up thinly (it should look like the below, ideally). Take your pan and get it nice and hot again and fry the steak VERY QUICKLY for just a few seconds to give it some colour.

So now you’ve got the bread with shrooms and onions on, lay on the steak and pour over any juices you have from the steak. I sprinkled over grated mozzarella and then applied a couple of slices of processed cheese, but you can cheese it up any way you like.

Slap it under a hot grill quickly as possible – the roll should stay as soft as possible so melt the cheese quickly and get it out.

Then serve! 

What follows is a little pictorial runthrough to give you an idea of how it comes together :)

IMG 20120304 00294 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak
Core prep ingredients

IMG 20120304 00295 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak
fry it hot and quick!

IMG 20120304 00299 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak

IMG 20120304 00300 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak
This is yummy as is, but popping it back into a red hot pan for  10-20s gives great flavour and cooks it a bit more :)

IMG 20120304 00301 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak

IMG 20120304 00304 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak

IMG 20120304 00303 Recipe   Philly Cheesesteak
Serve with a nice glass of  cola (caterpillar frame optional, provided by @msdriftedsw)

 So that’s all there is to it – if you try this out, or have any ideas on how to improve it, let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @lodztbb

Much Love,


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